The Solution: Mobilize Men

SAFER: NYC believes that men are the solution to ending street harassment. While men are usually the perpetrators of street harassment, blaming them for the problem does not make men change their behavior. Instead, SAFER: NYC’s video and outdoor public service announcements (PSAs) encourage men to reconsider their actions and actually join in the transformation of gender relations in public spaces. Our outdoor PSAs will be premiering on New York City subways soon! Check them out here first! 

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Julia Nethero, Scriptwriter
Chris Orangeo, Director and Producer
Ashleigh Scott, Producer
Walter Rodriguez, Director of Photography
Marissa Massa, Script Supervisor
Terence O'Keane, Production Assistant
Henry Myers, On Set Audio Recorder

Cast, “Dad”:
Kenrick Scott, Guy 1
Rakesh Shah, Guy 2
Mike Webster, Dad
Mandalyn Forbes, Girl

Cast, "Bros":
Joseph Fan, Bro 1
Mike Shershenovich, Bro 2
Terence O'Keane, Bro 3
Mandalyn Forbes, Girl
Julia Nethero, Friend

Special Thanks to Buddha Bar!