SAFER: NYC fills an important need to unleash citizen power to make our city an even better place for all us. Their fresh and gutsy approach wakes us up and moves one to act.
— Susan Davis, President & CEO of BRAC USA

Our Mission: to mobilize men to transform public interactions and end street harassment.

Our Vision: a world where everyone can walk down the street without strangers yelling unwanted come-ons and insulting comments about their bodies and behavior, but instead feeling safe, respected, and free.

Why we're unique: Without mobilizing men, the problem can never be solved. Therefore, rather than accusing or alienating, SAFER: NYC empowers men to be part of the solution by highlighting their relationships to all women as fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, etc. Reminding men of the women in their own lives and equating these women with the recipients of harassment will personalize the devastating impacts of street harassment and serve as a pivotal force for changing public behavior. 

An initiative such as SAFER: NYC has long been needed in the movement to end harassment and intimidation of women and girls throughout the greater New York Community. It is not enough that men are sensitized to not perform and say harmful behaviors and language to female citizens on streets and in public spaces, but they absolutely must be held accountable to themselves, each other, and the greater society in which they co-exist with women. SAFER: NYC has identified pathways towards successfully achieving both goals.
— Jimmie Briggs, Executive Director of Leave Out Violence-U.S. (LOVE-U.S.)

Our Origin Story: Since the age of 13, founder Julia Nethero endured countless catcalls and unwanted attention in public. Julia often complained to her partner, Joseph Fan, about these comments and harassment she experienced daily on the streets of New York City. Joseph, an avid supporter of gender equality, was also frustrated by existing anti-street harassment campaigns and media because he felt, as a  man, that he was being blamed for the problem, which discouraged him from being involved in the movement. So in January 2015 as part of Julia’s participation in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program as well as her graduate course on social enterprise at Columbia University, SAFER: NYC was born!

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