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SAFER: NYC is a social enterprise dedicated to mobilizing men to transform public interactions and end street harassment through community events, education, and comedy.

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Check out our first video public service announcement (PSA) here, and our other PSAs here.

The Problem: Street Harassment

On New York City subways, 63% of surveyed
passengers (mostly women) reported being
sexually harassed, and, 10%, sexually assaulted
on the subway.
— Manhattan Borough President’s Office
In the U.S., 65% of women and 25% of men,
predominantly those who identify as L.G.B.T.,
reported experiencing street harassment in
— Stop Street Harassment and GfK
77% of women in the U.S. under 40 have been followed by a man or a group of men in a way that made them feel unsafe in the last year.
— Dr. Beth Livingston and

SAFER: NYC specifically targets street harassment, or “catcalling,” which is defined as “unwanted interactions in public spaces between strangers that are motivated by a person’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression and make the harassee feel annoyed, angry, humiliated, or scared.” (Stop Street Harassment)

84.9% of US women experienced street harassment before the age of 17, and 11.6% of women experienced it before age 11.
— Dr. Beth Livingston and

For more information on Street Harassment, check out the following resources from our allies in the movement:

85.6% of US women have changed their routes to their destination as a result of street harassment.
— Dr. Beth Livingston and

The Research

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The Solution: Mobilize Men

SAFER: NYC believes that men are the solution to ending street harassment. While men are usually the perpetrators of street harassment, blaming them for the problem does not make men change their behavior. Instead, SAFER: NYC’s video and outdoor public service announcements (PSAs) encourage men to reconsider their actions and actually join in the transformation of gender relations in public spaces. Our outdoor PSAs will be premiering on New York City subways soon! Check them out here first! 

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Julia Nethero, Scriptwriter
Chris Orangeo, Director and Producer
Ashleigh Scott, Producer
Walter Rodriguez, Director of Photography
Marissa Massa, Script Supervisor
Terence O'Keane, Production Assistant
Henry Myers, On Set Audio Recorder

Cast, “Dad”:
Kenrick Scott, Guy 1
Rakesh Shah, Guy 2
Mike Webster, Dad
Mandalyn Forbes, Girl

Cast, "Bros":
Joseph Fan, Bro 1
Mike Shershenovich, Bro 2
Terence O'Keane, Bro 3
Mandalyn Forbes, Girl
Julia Nethero, Friend

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SAFER: NYC fills an important need to unleash citizen power to make our city an even better place for all us. Their fresh and gutsy approach wakes us up and moves one to act.
— Susan Davis, President & CEO of BRAC USA

Our Mission: to mobilize men to transform public interactions and end street harassment.

Our Vision: a world where everyone can walk down the street without strangers yelling unwanted come-ons and insulting comments about their bodies and behavior, but instead feeling safe, respected, and free.

Why we're unique: Without mobilizing men, the problem can never be solved. Therefore, rather than accusing or alienating, SAFER: NYC empowers men to be part of the solution by highlighting their relationships to all women as fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, etc. Reminding men of the women in their own lives and equating these women with the recipients of harassment will personalize the devastating impacts of street harassment and serve as a pivotal force for changing public behavior. 

An initiative such as SAFER: NYC has long been needed in the movement to end harassment and intimidation of women and girls throughout the greater New York Community. It is not enough that men are sensitized to not perform and say harmful behaviors and language to female citizens on streets and in public spaces, but they absolutely must be held accountable to themselves, each other, and the greater society in which they co-exist with women. SAFER: NYC has identified pathways towards successfully achieving both goals.
— Jimmie Briggs, Executive Director of Leave Out Violence-U.S. (LOVE-U.S.)

Our Origin Story: Since the age of 13, founder Julia Nethero endured countless catcalls and unwanted attention in public. Julia often complained to her partner, Joseph Fan, about these comments and harassment she experienced daily on the streets of New York City. Joseph, an avid supporter of gender equality, was also frustrated by existing anti-street harassment campaigns and media because he felt, as a  man, that he was being blamed for the problem, which discouraged him from being involved in the movement. So in January 2015 as part of Julia’s participation in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program as well as her graduate course on social enterprise at Columbia University, SAFER: NYC was born!

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Meet the Team

Julia prof.JPG

Julia Nethero Fan
Co- Founder and Chief Change Activist

SAFER: NYC Co-Founder, Julia Nethero Fan received her masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She drew upon her gender awareness education and her Fulbright Fellowship on women's political empowerment in China to shape SAFER: NYC’s message for maximum impact. She has worked at several human rights non-profits as well as the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations Population Fund, gaining valuable insight into effective nonprofit management, program management, and communications. In addition to running SAFER: NYC, Julia is currently the Senior Research & Program Associate at WomenStrong International, a nonprofit supporting women-drive solutions to poverty. Julia is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Joseph Fan, Esq.
Co-Founder and General Counsel

Joseph Fan, SAFER: NYC’s co-founder and legal and business director, manages the legal contracts, advertising, and corporate outreach for SAFER: NYC. A lawyer by training, Joseph’s Cornell Law School education and experience as a Graduate Fellow Court Attorney in the New York Supreme Court Appellate Term and in legal aid at South Brooklyn Legal Services has proven invaluable for ensuring SAFER: NYC's viability as a non-profit organization. Joseph’s criticism to Julia of the existing anti-street harassment videos and messaging served as a catalyst for SAFER: NYC and its mission to engage men as partners, not perpetrators.


Alexandra Voûte
Research Director

Alexandra is the Research Director and Deputy Chief of SAFER: NYC and has worked for eight years as a private educator for students of several of New York City’s all-boys middle and high schools. Alexandra received her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, Columbia University, majoring in Economics and Philosophy.


Work with us!
Do you believe you can change the world? Are you passionate about social change, gender equality, community, and social enterprise? Are you a self-driven, motivated, innovative, and results-oriented person? SAFER: NYC would love you to join us! We are a fast growing social enterprise start-up always looking for passionate change makers who would like to donate their time to transforming public interactions and ending street harassment! Please send your resume and a brief description of how you can help us reach our vision of positive, safe, and respectful public interactions free of street harassment to

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